Crescendo Review

Crescendo - Becca Fitzpatrick

The start of the book all is well and happy, basically everything we wanted to happen after the first book; Patch and Nora finally together (lets face it even though we thought he was bad in the first book you secretly wanted them to end up together. Then again I might be into the mysterious bad boy type and that's the reason I wanted them together).Too bad all of that changes quickly. We find out Patch has his wings back, and is now a guardian angel, I wonder what I would do if I found out my guardian angel was hot and my boyfriend to boot? Needless to say this book has the same feel as the first, Vee and Nora constantly playing "detective" in their own lives. Patch and Nora breaking up. We get a small glimpse into who Marcie Miller is, and also a big answer as to why she truly hates Nora. Also a blast from Nora's past re-enters her life, Scott a childhood friend, instant creep vibe to me there is just something unsettling about him. Also her father's ghost (for lack of a better word) enters into her life and leaves her feeling a bit crazy. What I really appreciate about this book is we really get to see what happened to Nora's father with the help of a memory of a fallen angel, who reveals who killed her father and why it happened, well sort of. I won't be giving away who but I will say was entirely surprised by it. Becca Fitzpatrick did a really good job at making that the BOOM moment for me and I was left speechless. We get to know Nora even better in this book. Driven by emotions rather then logic makes Nora a bit reckless but to me it is nice to realize the innocence she is only in high school and most teens are not thinking logically. The story flows really well that there was not a time when I had to go back and re-read out of confusion. every character is well developed. I thought the same thing within the first book.

The thing that bothered me the most was basically the big reveal, who murdered her father, was short lived moment I mean as shocked as I was it sort of just happened and was over and done with after the craziness dies down and everyone safe again.I guess I wanted more to happen, the talk with her mother basically never happened which is something I was looking forward to reading about. I am certain with the way this one ended the third book will probably answer some of my questions. With that being said off to read the next book!