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I LOVE books, they are my get away from reality. Nothing makes me happier than to drift off into another world created by the fiction on the pages. I read a lot of YA fiction mainly dystopian. I am really trying to start branching out to reading other types of fiction, I have a huge list that only continues to grow of books I want/need to read.

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Silence Review

Silence - Becca Fitzpatrick

Finally finished the third installment of this series! As I write every time but seriously this series is one of the most captivating series I have read in a long time. Coming back from my semi post about the book, we learned that Nora is suffering from retrograde amnesia and her memory of the past three months we completely lost. As she struggles to find herself and remember what happened, she comes to find the world of fallen angels and nephilim again. Due to her "memory loss" she had no recollection of this world, she also had no clue who Patch was. There was a time where I thought she would maybe have found him again but then it seemed it was not true. Nora would fall to her bestfriend Vee to help her put the pieces together, though we find that it seems that Vee maybe lying to Nora, and apparently Vee now hates all things guys and we do not know why. We find that Nora's nemesis Marcie Millar, her father now divorced is now seeing Nora's mother. Which by the way Hank Millar  is Nora's actual father so if you didn't know that yet just know you find in the last book Crecendo. We also discovered that Hank Millar is the Black Hand and is creating an army to stop fallen angels from possessing Nephilim during Cheshvan. Though his intentions seem logical he is quite the evil man. Hank keeping a close eye over Nora not for protective purposes because this is the man who kidnapped her and later we find out the same man who erased her memory. He took away her life and is now using her mother and her for his own plans. Nora dealing with the memory loss but with a pull to a guy she feels like she has known before, going by the name of Jev (which is Patch) but he is telling her to forget everything and live a "normal" life. She struggles with this idea, filled with thoughts of Jev and a pull to him that she cannot explain. She meets her old friend Scott though she does not recognize him at first, he is in hiding from the Black Hand. They rekindle the friendship they once had and he discloses a lot of Nora's past giving her partial memory back. They are convinced to prove that Hank is up to no good and plot against him. Let's just say they are both successful and unsuccessful.....


Through all the twists and turns of this book I really enjoyed it! Everything about this book was fantastic! There are so many things I would talk about but I would be here forever! Unlikely people become friends and all friendships/relationships are pushed to new limits. I am ready to finish this series and see how this will end!

The Forbidden Wish (Sneak Peak)

The Forbidden Wish - Jessica Khoury

Well I know this is being done after the release but I do believe it is timely. I was given the opportunity via Net Galley to get a small snippet of this wonderful book. I am so glad I requested to read this sneak peak. I cannot express how much this book has my attention and I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on the full copy. With that being said I will only dive briefly into the topic at hand. This is of two very well known characters (even if you are not an avid Disney lover) "Aladdin and the Jinni". Though it is a bit different, still a love story just not in the manner we remember. With only a brief snippet of this book I can say that with every page I was drawn further in the world in which, Jessica Khoury, the author, has done such a well job that I read through most of these first eight chapters in one day. Though this story is not like the story we all know, in my opinion it may even be better.....shhhhh don't tell all the other Disney Aladdin lovers that I said this.....I seriously cannot wait to finish this book. I seriously recommend this book. I am not sure what is up ahead of us in this story but I cant wait to find out. Once I have read it all I will give a complete review and rating of the book.


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I have the perfect room for this. My little home office. Now to find somebody with building powers

Reading progress update: I've read 59 out of 448 pages.

Silence - Becca Fitzpatrick

Getting through the third book. Not as fast as I would like, mostly because like Nora I am entirely confused. I do know that the end of the Crescendo was really the answer to my questions, but Nora has "retrograde amnesia" and apparently everyone around her. No one remembers Scott or Rixon, or the events over the summer. It is so strange. I can't wait to find out what happened for the past 11 weeks that Nora was missing, and the fact she can remember up to April and not June like when she went missing. I thought she had forgotten who Patch was but just recently finished the part where she finds him and knew that she was missing him. Nora believes he is her answer to her lost memories and I feel like that is very possible!

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Hush Hush: Review

Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick

I will admit about two years ago I was given this book on recommendation and couldn't get into at the time. So I decided it was about time to give this book a shot and I am really glad I did. We enter the story of an average everyday girl, just wanting to make it through high school in one piece. Nora Grey, our main character, we enter with her into her class biology, which the topic at hand is "Human Reproduction (sex)." We immediately meet Nora's best friend Vee Sky, who is generally not afraid to speak her mind. Within the first few pages we learn what both Nora and Vee look like, and we are also introduced to the mysterious senior class-man, Patch which she learns his name a bit later. The two best-friends sit next to each other in this biology class, it is almost the end of the school year; when their instructor Coach McConaughy decides its time for a seating chart change to really make the topic at hand more interesting. Protests given by Vee which ends unsuccessfully. Nora gets stuck with a new transfer a class mate she does not know the name of (Patch). One of my favorite descriptions was when she first meets Patch due to the seating change in the class, "a smile that was part playful, part seductive." Every time I read that line I cant help but grin (probably because he is serious bad boy material). Patch knows a lot about Nora, which is slightly creepy, especially since she has never met the new guy, until that day. We quickly learn from the conversation between Patch and Nora, that she is living with her mom and her father was murdered.

I really enjoyed this book. As you continue to read you get to basically be creeped out with Nora and wonder if she is a bit crazy, things happen but there is no proof for anyone else to see, (besides us). We go through some dangerous encounters with Nora, and basically become just as skeptical of others in the book like she is. Learning that there is more really happening, and that it is not all in her head. There are greater forces around her, fallen angels, nephilim (children born of a fallen angel and a human). We also discover there are people (fallen angels) out to kill Nora, it is a sacrifice to allow the fallen angel who kills her to become human. And yes I do mean the plural of the fallen angels, once you read (if you haven't already) you will learn who those are. There was a huge part of me as much as it seemed that I didn't want her to trust Patch, I wanted her to be with him as much as she was drawn to him. There are two more antagonist introduced to the story, Elliot and Jules (who is later known to be Chauncey, who is also a fallen angel) The only problem I had with this book was how the big climax of the ending happened. It was all so sudden and it took a brief moment for me to be like what just happened?! Though the ending was still so sudden I really did enjoy the book, and really look forward to finishing the series.

Crescendo Review

Crescendo - Becca Fitzpatrick

The start of the book all is well and happy, basically everything we wanted to happen after the first book; Patch and Nora finally together (lets face it even though we thought he was bad in the first book you secretly wanted them to end up together. Then again I might be into the mysterious bad boy type and that's the reason I wanted them together).Too bad all of that changes quickly. We find out Patch has his wings back, and is now a guardian angel, I wonder what I would do if I found out my guardian angel was hot and my boyfriend to boot? Needless to say this book has the same feel as the first, Vee and Nora constantly playing "detective" in their own lives. Patch and Nora breaking up. We get a small glimpse into who Marcie Miller is, and also a big answer as to why she truly hates Nora. Also a blast from Nora's past re-enters her life, Scott a childhood friend, instant creep vibe to me there is just something unsettling about him. Also her father's ghost (for lack of a better word) enters into her life and leaves her feeling a bit crazy. What I really appreciate about this book is we really get to see what happened to Nora's father with the help of a memory of a fallen angel, who reveals who killed her father and why it happened, well sort of. I won't be giving away who but I will say was entirely surprised by it. Becca Fitzpatrick did a really good job at making that the BOOM moment for me and I was left speechless. We get to know Nora even better in this book. Driven by emotions rather then logic makes Nora a bit reckless but to me it is nice to realize the innocence she is only in high school and most teens are not thinking logically. The story flows really well that there was not a time when I had to go back and re-read out of confusion. every character is well developed. I thought the same thing within the first book.

The thing that bothered me the most was basically the big reveal, who murdered her father, was short lived moment I mean as shocked as I was it sort of just happened and was over and done with after the craziness dies down and everyone safe again.I guess I wanted more to happen, the talk with her mother basically never happened which is something I was looking forward to reading about. I am certain with the way this one ended the third book will probably answer some of my questions. With that being said off to read the next book!