Silence Review

Silence - Becca Fitzpatrick

Finally finished the third installment of this series! As I write every time but seriously this series is one of the most captivating series I have read in a long time. Coming back from my semi post about the book, we learned that Nora is suffering from retrograde amnesia and her memory of the past three months we completely lost. As she struggles to find herself and remember what happened, she comes to find the world of fallen angels and nephilim again. Due to her "memory loss" she had no recollection of this world, she also had no clue who Patch was. There was a time where I thought she would maybe have found him again but then it seemed it was not true. Nora would fall to her bestfriend Vee to help her put the pieces together, though we find that it seems that Vee maybe lying to Nora, and apparently Vee now hates all things guys and we do not know why. We find that Nora's nemesis Marcie Millar, her father now divorced is now seeing Nora's mother. Which by the way Hank Millar  is Nora's actual father so if you didn't know that yet just know you find in the last book Crecendo. We also discovered that Hank Millar is the Black Hand and is creating an army to stop fallen angels from possessing Nephilim during Cheshvan. Though his intentions seem logical he is quite the evil man. Hank keeping a close eye over Nora not for protective purposes because this is the man who kidnapped her and later we find out the same man who erased her memory. He took away her life and is now using her mother and her for his own plans. Nora dealing with the memory loss but with a pull to a guy she feels like she has known before, going by the name of Jev (which is Patch) but he is telling her to forget everything and live a "normal" life. She struggles with this idea, filled with thoughts of Jev and a pull to him that she cannot explain. She meets her old friend Scott though she does not recognize him at first, he is in hiding from the Black Hand. They rekindle the friendship they once had and he discloses a lot of Nora's past giving her partial memory back. They are convinced to prove that Hank is up to no good and plot against him. Let's just say they are both successful and unsuccessful.....


Through all the twists and turns of this book I really enjoyed it! Everything about this book was fantastic! There are so many things I would talk about but I would be here forever! Unlikely people become friends and all friendships/relationships are pushed to new limits. I am ready to finish this series and see how this will end!